Ag Head of Department

I welcome you to the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Administration. Our department is the core department in the Faculty of Pharmacy with the varied responsibilities of ensuring that students acquire the clinical skill competencies and exposure needed for direct patient care within the overall context of total pharmaceutical care.  To this end, the department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Administration, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ibadan anchors the hospital clerkship programme comprising the Physician-based round and clinic, as well as the Pharmacist-based round so as to guarantee all round clinical exposure of students to hospital pharmacy practice. Also, the department anchors the community pharmacy externship programme for the pen-ultimate students so as to ensure adequate hands-on exposure to community pharmacy practice. The department has competent staff and research scholars with cutting-edge research in different fields of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy practice.

The Department is equipped with training and research laboratories including

  • Communication Skill/Drug Information Laboratory
  • Two (2) Clinical Skills Acquisition Laboratories
  • HyPAD Clinic: HyPAD, an acronym, stands for Hypertension, Asthma and Diabetes screening clinic

However, as we intensify effort in ensuring professionalism and optimal utilization of pharmacy practice within the concept of Total Pharmaceutical Care. We welcome donations and support both materially and in cash from all and sundry including our professional colleagues and postgraduate alumni so as to be at par with the global trend in pharmacy practice.

Thank you

Dr. R. Adisa