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Dr. R. Adisa: Ag. Head, Department of Clinical Pharmacy And Pharmacy Administration


 The Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Administration was created in March 2003 from the then Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Clinical Pharmacy. This creation was as a result of the need to have a department with her primary focus on clinically-oriented training for pharmacy students, as well as serve as a platform for translating the knowledge acquired during training as a pharmacist into the actual practice of pharmacy profession.

 The department at its inception had four lecturers fully on ground. The present number of lecturers is seven full time lecturers and an adjunct professor. The department consists of two units – Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management/Administration.


 We emphasize student-centered learning, scholarly activity, and service to society in an outstanding environment that fosters collaborative relationship with healthcare practitioners resulting in the advancement of patient care and safety, educational methodologies, and research.


 The Department believes in rendering service to her immediate environment but with national and global outlook. Our mission includes:

  • Providing a comprehensive and qualitative education that prepares pharmacists to assume an active role in providing skilled, ethical, and compassionate care that improves the patient’s health and quality of life.
  • Educating, training and maintaining competency of highly skilled clinically oriented pharmacists, and train resource persons in other aspects of pharmacy practice programs such as hospital and community practice.
  • Developing creative scholars devoted to the discovery, integration and dissemination of knowledge in the clinical and pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Creating an environment that instills professionalism, integrity, empathy, a high standard of ethical behavior, and the highest professional commitment to the patient and the community.

 Core Values

 Our core values are Integrity, Honesty, Diligence and above all professionalism.

 Achievements of the Department

 At various times, members of staff had obtained international grants and fellowship among which include the TWAS/DBT post-doc fellowship, TWAS/CAS visiting fellowship, and the MacArthur grant. Locally, the Senate Research Grants had been awarded to various members of staff.

 The department is currently at the point of signing a memorandum of understanding with two universities in the United States of America, and working towards collaborating with other universities in the United Kingdom in the effort to develop a robust environment for joint research, staff exchange and postgraduate training. Staff members are also involved with the Centre for Palliative care in Nigeria (CPCN) with Mr. Adisa being the link person from the department. CPCN had sponsored Mr. Adisa to Uganda on Palliative care course.

 The department also serves as a feeder department in training lecturers of Clinical Pharmacy for other universities in Nigeria.

 Training Facilities

 The Department is equipped with training and research laboratories. These include;

  • Communication Skill/Drug Information Laboratory- The laboratory is equipped with facilities to train final year B.pharm students on the nitty-gritty of communication skills required for effective Clinical Pharmacy Practice and Total Pharmaceutical Care including drug prescription review, role-play/simulation, disease management review, pharmacotherapy of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma etc., medication problems solving skills and medication reconciliation techniques.
  • Two (2) Clinical Skills Acquisition Laboratories- The laboratory is meant to train 400level B.Pharm student’s hands-on experience on the use of commonly encountered instruments/devices for measuring clinical parameters in chronic medical conditions. This includes, blood glucose meter, peak flow meter, manual and digital blood pressure monitors.  Emphasis is placed on how these instruments are used to diagnose, monitor and manage specific disease conditions as well as interpretation of the laboratory findings within the context of standard guidelines. Students are taught on the importance of cardiovascular risk factors as predisposing conditions to cardiovascular events.
  • HyPAD Clinic. This is run on a semester basis as a service to the University community. HyPAD, an acronym, stands for Hypertension, Asthma and Diabetes screening clinics. Individuals with existing risk factors or whose screening parameters may be indicative of any of these conditions are counselled and referred to the appropriate quarters for further investigation and management. Walk-ins are allowed for people with questions about their drug use, non-drug lifestyle changes specifically in the management of chronic diseases.

 Future outlook

 As we intensify effort in ensuring professionalism and optimal utilization of pharmacy practice within the concept of Total Pharmaceutical Care, we welcome support from all and sundry in taking the department to the next level. We have just begun, and soon the impact of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Administration would be visible to all in the packaging of our products, the students. In view of the dire need for expansion and increasing demand to meet with the new global trend in pharmacy practice we welcome donations and support both materially and in cash especially in the area of

  1. Transportation - Buses for transporting out students on Clinical and Community Pharmacy training.
  2. Equipments such as High performance liquid Chromatography, HPLC, to enhance our postgraduate training.

  Please feel free to contact the Departmental office or the Ag. Head of department for any assistance towards achieving our vision and mission.