Professional character and integrity in pharmacy practice (By Dr Lolu Ojo)

Let’s be blunt. Customers are the best judges of professionalism, not academic qualifications or certifying boards. Not everyone who practises a profession will be called a professional by the customers. And, while we may not all agree on who qualifies as a “professional”, most people know when they’ve been served by one. They also know when the person serving them, no matter the level of training and certification, is being less than ‘professional’ in their performance.


UI Collaborates with Reckitt Benckiser to Organize International Conference on Regulation of Medicinal Products Claims

PharmaTopicPhoto_000021923144Medium.jpgTowards achieving a health care system with proper regulation of medicinal products claims, the Center for Drug Discovery, Development and Production (CDDDP) University of Ibadan, Nigeria in conjunction with Reckitt-Benckiser organized a three-day international conference tagged ‘Medicine Regulation of Claims: From Concept to Launch”.

Secrets of body language in pharmaceutical practice (By Oladipupo Macjob)

PharmaTopicPhoto_000021923144Medium.jpgThe ability to successfully read concealed emotions through an individual’s body language is very important in all aspects of life. The skill has a wide application “from the board room to the bar-room to the bedroom”. Especially for anyone involved in a business dealing with people, such as Pharmacy, a sound knowledge of body language skills is a major advantage.