News/ Activities


Weekly seminars:  The department held weekly seminars during the year and two poster sessions.  Seminars were presented by research students in the department.  A post-field poster session was organized for the defending MSc classes research project as well as for the Advanced Laboratory Course, which focuses on a group research project to characterize the phyllospheres (leaf microbiomes) of medicinal plants.  One seminar in June was devoted to proposal and grant writing and two seminars were PhD post-field seminars.  These were attended by staff and students in other departments in the Faculty and beyond.

Antibiotic Awareness Week:  Students and staff of the department mounted number of events towards Antibiotic Awareness Week, an international event that ran from 13th to 19th of November.  The Department hosted a panel discussion for the general public entitled Handle Antibiotics With Care:  Think Twice, Seek Advice on 16 Nov 2017.  The panel included researchers who study antimicrobial resistance in human and animal settings:  Professors Adeniyi and Adeleke, PhD student Wale Adetoye and undergraduate research student Uvie Blaise Omo-Sowho, a practicing health professional and a practicing pharmacist with previous experience working as a regulator at NAFDAC, alumnae UchechiOkoroafor.  It was moderated by the HOD.In addition, Master’s students and undergraduate project students in the department organized a number of outreach programs during the week to primary health centers and schools, as well as a broadcast on Diamond FM Radio on 18th November 2017.  Events executed by the department in the week were mapped on the WHO site

Grants:  A member of staff of the department was part of an initial consortium awarded a grant by the UK National Institute for Health Research.  The project is aimed at performing genomic surveillance for antimicrobial resistance in developing countries and will bring whole genome sequencing capacity to the department, which will offer this service as part of the National Centre for Disease Control’s surveillance program for Antimicrobial Resistance. Professor Okeke is also a consultant to NCDC on setting up the surveillance system.

Publications and presentations:  Students and staff presented at national and international conferences.  Among student presentations at international conferences were Mr Ayo Afolayan’s presentation at the Austrian Microbiology Society meeting and Mrs El-shamaMonu-Nwoko’s presentation at the West Africa meeting and the 1st Congress of African Association for research and control of AntiMicrobial Resistance (AAAMR), 26-28 February, 2018 in Mali.  Students and staff published several papers during the year including notable papers in high-impact journals.

International visitors.  On Friday May 25th, 2018, the department was pleased to welcome DrBahijja Raimi-Abraham, a lecturer in Pharmaceutics, at the school of cancer and pharmaceutical sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine Kings College London.  We were also visited by Drs Emmanuel Adukwuand AnikoVaradi respectively senior lecture and centre director of he Centre for Research in Biosciences, visiting from the University of the West of England, Bristol on the 26th of June 2018.  These scientists came to discuss the potential for collaborative interactions across the Faculty.