Pharm. Chemistry History

The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry was established as a full department at the inception of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ibadan over 30 years. It is one of the six departments in the Faculty of Pharmacy. Apart from running the regular B.Pharm programme for 200 – 500 level students, the department runs three postgraduate programs namely: Masters in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Pharmaceutical Analysis Option), Postgraduate Diploma in Drug Analysis and PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and most of these programmes are geared towards pharmaceutical analysis and drug quality control.

The department is endowed with eight well qualified personnel in pharmaceutical education as academic staff and all are registered pharmacists.  

Philosophy and Objectives

The overall objective is to apply the knowledge of chemistry in drug discovery, development and quality.  Pharmaceutical chemistry is focused on quality aspects of medicines and aims to assure fitness for the purpose of medicinal products.

The main objectives of our programme are to:

  1. Use the basic knowledge of chemical reactions to train students on synthesis and development of new chemical entities suitable for therapeutic use
  2. Expose students to physical properties of drugs that can affect drug quality.
  3. Train students on biological, physicochemical properties, mode of action, identification, quantitative structural activity relationships (QSAR), disposition and assay of various classes of existing drugs (medicinal chemistry)
  4. Expose and train students to general methods and instrumentation for drug analysis both theoretically and practically.
  5. Equip students with good knowledge base in all aspects of quality assurance of medicines and regulatory requirements.