Pharmaceutical Microbiology Welcome

Pharmaceutical microbiology is the pharmacy sub-discipline focused on microorganisms in health and disease and the use of these organisms to produce and evaluate pharmaceutical products.  At the University of Ibadan, the department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology contributes to the Bachelor of Pharmacy Program, offering courses and research opportunities in pharmaceutical microbiology and biotechnology. 

The department also offers post-graduate training via its M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs.  Students with qualifications in Pharmacy, Microbiology and allied disciplines are eligible to apply through the University of Ibadan’s Postgraduate School.  Research and advanced training is conducted in several specialty areas, most notably natural products of antimicrobial importance, antimicrobial agents, microbial genetics and drug resistance, microbial quality control and biotechnology. 

Postgraduate student in the Pharmaceutical Microbiology Advanced Laboratory class