Pharmaceutics & Ind. Pharm. History


The Department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy is a department in the Faculty of Pharmacy established for the purpose of providing high quality teaching and research in drug delivery and dosage form design, at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  This involves specific areas of drug discovery, unit operations, drug dosage forms and formulation processes, the art of dispensing, production and quality control of drugs and cosmetics.  The department is also involved in, but not restricted to, qualitative research using locally sourced materials as standard alternatives to imported ones with a view to promote indigenous manufacturing.


The Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) program commenced at the University of Ibadan in the 1980/81 academic session as a department in the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences and Pharmacy in the College of Medicine. The B.Pharm Degree program commenced with a 4-year curriculum in 1980/81, awarding a classified B. Pharm Degree. In the 1982/83 academic session, the Department of Pharmacy was split into four Departments including the Department of Pharmaceutical technology and Industrial Pharmacy. Dr. W.O. Opakunle was the Acting Head of Department. The Department of Pharmacy assumed a Faculty status on August1 1983. On the 1st of August, 1986, the Department of Pharmaceutical technology and Industrial Pharmacy became known as Department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy, with Dr. K.T. Jaiyeoba as the Acting Head. The 5-year declassified B.Pharm Degree curriculum commenced in the1987/88 session and at the request of the National Universities Commission (N.U.C), the newly revised 5-year B.Pharm curriculum became operative from 1997/98 academic session. In 1991, the Faculty began postgraduate programs in all departments. The Faculty was granted full autonomy with effect from February, 2003.

The Heads of Department include: Professor K.T. Jaiyeoba (1986-1991; 1997- 1999 and 2003 -2005); Dr I.C. Onaga (Ag. Head, 1991-1993; 1995-1997; 1999-2003); Prof. O.A. Itiola (1993 -1995; 2006 -2010); Prof. Oluwatoyin A. Odeku (2005-2006; 2010 -2014); Dr. M.A. Odeniyi (Ag. Head, 2014-2016). Dr. Adenike Okunlola is currently the Acting Head of Department.

The Department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy offers postgraduate programs in Pharmaceutics at the master and doctoral levels. The main objectives of the postgraduate programs are to train Pharmacy graduates in the methods of scientific enquiry for those interested in and are capable of pursuing an academic career in research and /or teaching as well as to equip Pharmacists with research techniques to probe into alternative sources of drugs and raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry. The development of Pharmaceutical formulations using locally available raw materials as excipients is a major goal for the Department.