Pharmaceutics & Ind. Pharm Welcome

Many chemicals are known to have pharmacological activities but cannot be administered, as such, to the patient.Pharmaceutics is the discipline of Pharmacy that deals with the science of dosage form design and all the processes of developing a new chemical entity (NCE) into a drug dosage formulation that can be safely and effectively used by the patient.

I am delighted to welcome you on behalf of the Faculty, staff and students of the Department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy, University of Ibadan. The Department provides high quality teaching and research in drug delivery and dosage form design, at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  The Department is dedicated to providing vibrant, highly-stimulating, learning environments that prepare Pharmacy students for productive and successful careers, contributing to industry, healthcare and research.


To serve as a centre of training of undergraduate and postgraduate students who will be involved in globally acceptable practices of the art and science of dosage form design and production.  To also provide quality research and training that will equip students at all levels with the necessary intellectual tools to remain continually relevant in every area of Pharmacy practice.


To provide high quality pharmaceutical research and training in the art and science of drug design and production at all levels. This will include robust practical application of quality procedures in a GMP compliant and an optimum learning environment.

To provide and sustain an enabling environment for learning, research and robust community service.    The Department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy has nine (9) academic staff, four of whom are in the professorial rank, six (6) laboratory staff including three (3) technologists and three (3) administrative staff. The academic staff continually collaborate in multi-disciplinary and multi-national teams to seek solutions for pressing problems to health and pharmaceutical needs, locally and globally. In line with the university’s vision of achieving international distinction while strengthening local relevance, the Department is involved in qualitative research using locally sourced materials as standard alternatives to imported ones with a view to promote indigenous manufacturing. There is adequate personnel support for both academic and non-academic staff and opportunities for training and continuous education.

The areas of specialization available in the Department include:

  1.  Pharmaceutical dosage formulations with emphasis on the use of locally available raw materials.
  2. Drug release and absorption properties of dispersed systems.
  3. Application of physical pharmacy to an understanding of pharmaceutical processes with bias towards the use of locally produced pharmaceutical excipients.
  4. Properties and uses of liposomes or other vesicular systems as drug carriers:  Investigation of their potentials in controlled drug release formulations.

We warmly welcome you to the Department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy and encourage you to browse our website for more information on what the Department has to offer.

Dr. J. O. Ayorinde

Ag. Head