Pharmacognosy Herbarium, (DPHUI)

The Department of Pharmacognosy houses a teaching herbarium: Department of Pharmacognosy Herbarium, University of Ibadan (DPHUI). The herbarium is primarily for teaching students in herbarium techniques for the conservation of key medicinal plants of local origin. Students are taught the relevance of a herbarium in medicinal plant research in relation to the study of pharmacy. They are taught proper handling of plants and preparation herbarium specimens, which enhances correct identification and authentication of plants. The number and types of plants preserved over the years in DPHUI have improved tremendously. The information content of the taxa have been greatly improved and prepared in accordance to best practices in herbarium technology with a number of plants coming from our survey of the Botanical Garden University of Ibadan. The ethnopharmacological claims on these plants are part of our continuing research/project studies by staff and students of the Faculty.


Herbarium: Department of Pharmacognosy Herbarium (DPHUI)

        Space Area:  10’ X 24’ (240 sq ft)

        Holding three sets of shelves

        Number of cabinets     =      26

        Number of cubicles      =      100

        Capacity (family)         =      100 plant families presently holding 92 families  

                (Species)   =      4000

                                        Presently housing over 1600 accessions





Herbarium cabinets (outside and inside)