The Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm.) Degree programme commenced at the University of Ibadan in the 1980/81 academic session. The then Department of Pharmacy was based in the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences and Pharmacy in the College of Medicine under the headship of Professor D. T. Okpako who was also then the substantive Head of the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

The department of Pharmacy was split into two Departments in the 1981/82 session, and later into four Departments namely: Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Clinical Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Industrial Pharmacy and Department of Pharmacognosy, in the 1982/83 academic session. 

In the 2002/2003 academic session, the department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Clinical Pharmacy was split into two departments resulting in the following five Departments in the Faculty:

  1. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  2. Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  3. Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Administration
  4. Department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy
  5. Department of Pharmacognosy
  6. Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology

 In November 1981 and February 1983, the Department of Pharmacy received two visitations from the Pharmacists Board of Nigeria which resulted into the final approval of the Ibadan Pharmacy programme after the 1983 visitation.  Consequently on August 1, 1983, the Department of Pharmacy assumed a Faculty status with Professor A.A. Olaniyi as the foundation Dean.  At the expiration of Professor Olaniyi’s term in 1987, Professor D. T. Okpako took over as the second Dean from 1987 to 1991.  The third Dean of the Faculty: Professor K. T. Jaiyeoba (1991 to 1995) was succeeded by Professor H. A. Odelola who served from 1995 to 1999.  Professor K. T. Jaiyeoba was again appointed the Dean of the Faculty and was in office from 1999 to 2001.   Professor O. A. Itiola succeeded him as Dean from 2001 to 2005.  Professor K. T. Jaiyeoba took over the mantle of leadership again as Dean from 2005 to 2009.  In August 2009, the current Dean of the Faculty, Professor J. O. Moody came into the deanship office.

The B. Pharm. Programme in Ibadan commenced with a 4-year curriculum in 1980/81 academic session awarding a classified B. Pharm. Degree until 1987/88 academic session when the 5-year declassified B. Pharm. Degree curriculum began with the first set of graduands in the 1991/92 academic session.  The 5-year curriculum has since been subjected to series of revisions at the request of the National Universities Commission (N.U.C.) in 1990.  The revised 5-year B. Pharm. Curriculum became operative from the 1997/98 academic session at the 100 level.

The Faculty was granted full autonomy by the Senate of the University in February, 2003.  The B. Pharm. Degree Pharmacy programme in Ibadan was adjudged the best in the country by the Pharmacists Board of Nigeria in the year 2005.

In 1991, the Faculty began the postgraduate programme with Masters and M Phil/Ph.D. in all Departments.  The student population has risen from the initial few to a few hundreds for the B. Pharm. Degree programme as well as for the postgraduate courses.  The total staff strength of less than 20 at inception has also risen to above 60 (teaching and non-teaching staff).