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Prizes & Medals


  1. Professor A. O. K. Johnson Prize

The prize is endowed in perpetuity. The award is to be made on rotational basis to student in the MBBS, B.D.S., B. Pharm., Nursing recipients shall be those who have been adjudged to have best demonstrated, throughout their course of studies, exemplary character and leadership qualities. The prize is endowed by Prof. A. O. K. Johnson, former Provost of the College of Medicine University of Ibadan.

 2. Pharmaceutical Chemistry

a. Department Prize

b. R. O. Adebowale Prize

 3.Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy

a. Departmental Prize

b. Renown Chemists Prize

 4. Pharmaceutical Microbiology

a. Departmental Prize

b. Prof. H. A. Odelola Prize

 5. Pharmacognosy

a. Department Prize

b. Saloon Antiseptic

c. Dr. B. A. Akinloye’s Memorial Prize - the best B. Pharm. Part II student in Pharmacognosy. It is endowed for ten years by the Faculty of Pharmacy staff in memory of the late Dr. B. A. Akinloye, the first Acting head of the Department of Pharmacognosy.

 6. B. Pharmacy

 7. Professor C.S. Ola Prize in Pharmacy – An annual prize to the best candidate in Clinical Pharmacy

     in the Faculty of Pharmacy.

 8. Juli Prize in Pharmacy - An annual prize awarded to the overall best in B. Pharm. Final


 9. Pharmanews  Prize – An annual prize awarded to the best final year student in Pharmacognosy

 10.Chief Andrew A. Egboh’s Annual Prize in Pharmacy Laws and History of Pharmacy. Annual cash prize to the best student in Pharmacv Laws and History of Pharmacy.